Feed and Feed Additives

Products aimed at mitigating the impact of rising feed prices, sourced from sustainable raw materials with low environmental footprint and materials recycling, are being showcased. Please take a look.
*Exhibitors/exhibits may be subject to change without notice.


Company:Kishu Hosokawa Co.,Ltd.

Explanation:Triguen is a functional feed derived from plums aimed at reducing production costs, improving revenue, and enhancing meat quality.


Company:FARMAGE Co.,Ltd.

Explanation:A highly nutritious fermented coarse feed for suckling calves rooted in "grazing". It is a feed that can be digested and absorbed even by calves a few days old.

BP/DX Biopower Deluxe

Company:Ando Tsusho Co., Ltd.

Explanation:This is a soil bacteria culture solution extracted from fertile soil considered beneficial for livestock, using a revolutionary method of multiplication. It can be easily added to drinking water, feed, or administered orally.

Fibregum feed

Company:SHIMA TRADING Co., Ltd.

Explanation:Acts as a food for intestinal bacteria as a prebiotic, producing short-chain fatty acids and aiding in the maintenance of livestock health.


Company:YPTECH Co., Ltd.

Explanation:An active yeast from Phileo, the world's largest yeast and yeast extract manufacturer (Lesaffre Group).

Wagyu no Mikata

Company:Nippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Explanation:You can even use it with suckling calves from dums. "Wagyu no Mikata" is a tablet supplement for newborn calves, which is made from oligosaccharides that promotes the absorption of immunoglobulins in colostrum.

RG92 extract

Company:AR BROWN Co., Ltd.

Explanation:RG92 Extract is extracted from RG92, a hot spring algae with high anti-inflammatory, anti-glycation, and anti-oxidant properties found in Beppu hot springs. It acts on mitochondria in the cells of industrial animals and activates their natural immunity.