Asia's Leading Agriculture and Livestock Expo

"AGRI WEEK" has been renamed to "J AGRI"

The show has been expanding year by year, and with the aim of taking the next step, we have changed its name. We aspire to contribute to the sustainable development of the agricultural markets in Japan and Asia. Our vision is to provide benefits to everyone involved in agriculture.

J AGRI・・・Japan Agri Innovation

About "J AGRI"

J AGRI covering all agricultural/livestock materials & technologies! Agricultural drones, smart farming technologies, agricultural machineries, livestock farming related products, etc. will be showcased all at once. Industry professionals such as agriculture cooperatives & corporations, importers, distributors, industry new entrants will visit the show from all over the world. It is held twice a year, in May at Grandmesse Kumamoto and in October at Makuhari Messe.

J AGRI consists of 5 shows

Exhibiting & Visiting Information

Exhibiting Information

Manufacturers, Suppliers, etc.

Visiting Information

Agriculture Cooperatives & Corporations, Importers, Government/Municipality, etc.

Benefits of Exhibiting


Best B to B Platform
for the Agriculture Industry

Industry key professionals gather under one roof for this exceptional event, renowned as Asia's leading agriculture industry show.


5 Specialised Shows Covering Whole Segments







Change to Connect with
Key Industry Buyers

The show draws major importers and distributors across the globe, opening doors for you to enter/expand into the market. 

- Show outline
- Floor plan, latest booth availability
- Booth cost


Benefits of Visiting

Connect with the industry​

Expand your network by engaging with attendees from various sectors.​

See the latest trends​

Discover cutting-edge advancements in agricultural and livestock technologies.​

Learn from industry experts​

Upscale your knowledge at our no-cost conference, featuring top industry speakers.​

What’s New

Coming Soon..

*Kyushu Show:Visitor Reg. will start around March, 2024
*Tokyo Show:Visitor Reg. will start around August, 2024

Show Schedule for the Next Year

May 22 (Wed) - 24 (Fri), 2024
@Grandmesse Kumamoto, Japan

October 9 (Wed) - 11 (Fri), 2024
@Makuhari Messe, Japan

Media Partners (2023)


Official Korean Blog  

*"Largest" in reference to the exhibitor number of trade shows with the same concept.


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*Composed of 372 Sub-exhibitions

Mission of RX Japan

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