Smart Agriculture & Agricultural Digital Transformation

Explore cutting-edge agricultural drones and robots showcased at J AGRI. Witness the latest in technology designed to streamline operations, reduce working hours, and boost yields. These products are not only adept at handling complex terrains but are also tailored for the efficient management of small to medium-sized farms. Join us at the venue for an up-close experience with these innovative solutions. Discover how they revolutionize farming practices globally, making agriculture more sustainable and productive.
*Exhibitors/exhibits may be subject to change without notice.

Sfumato - 3D Remote Monitoring and Control System

Company:Omnia Concerto Corporation

Explanation:Display agricultural houses in 3D on a PC or tablet for remote monitoring capabilities.

845 Sprayer Controller

Company:Spraying Systems Co.

Explanation:With its unique features and simple design, the 845 Sprayer Controller allows for easy and efficient control of spray distribution.


Company:Navic, Co., Ltd.

Explanation:Boasting a maximum payload of 20 kg, the DJI AGRAS T25 can efficiently disperse liquid or granular pesticides, as well as seeds and fertilizers.

e-minori: Measurement Node

Company:DPT Co.

Explanation:Measure temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, vapor pressure deficit, and automatically upload the data to the cloud. Check the data from your smartphone or PC.

EC/pH Monitor PCE-12M

Company:CEM Corporation

Explanation:A monitor device for measuring the EC value and pH value in liquids. It allows for EC/pH measurement in piped liquids.



Explanation:Visualize the remaining levels in tanks and silos remotely with EyeOwl. It enables efficient distribution of fuels and more.


Company:farmo Co., Ltd.

Explanation:Simply install AquaMonitor in ponds or water channels, and monitor water levels from your smartphone or PC. Manage water remotely from a distance.

"Nokya-san" Greenhouse Automatic Opening/Closing Device

Company:Onga Engineering Co., Ltd.

Explanation:Supporting high-quality flower, fruit, and vegetable cultivation! Offers a range of variations from advanced control to easy operation for optimal environmental management.

Aerial Pesticide Sprayer

Company:NIPPON SODA Co., Ltd.

Explanation:Streamline spraying operations with our unmanned aerial pesticide sprayer!



Explanation:Dosatron-based hydroponic system! No need for elaborate facilities! With low cost and ease, precise hydroponic cultivation can be achieved.

"Noutaku" Farm Work Matching Service

Company:TOPPAN Edge Inc.

Explanation:A matching service connecting farmers who want to outsource agricultural work with high-tech agricultural corporations (contractors) that can undertake the tasks. Promoting specialization in agriculture.

"Taisuke" Image Analysis AI Fruit Sorting Machine

Company:NP System Development Co.,Ltd

Explanation:The AI-based fruit sorting machine "Taisuke," developed by NP System Development, utilizes image analysis technology to reduce labor in the sorting process of citrus fruits. It achieves precise and uniform fruit selection while enabling data analysis post-sorting.