Greenhouse & Greenhouse Supply

Introducing products that are useful in greenhouses and greenhouse interiors. Various horticultural products such as greenhouses, house cleaning solutions, single-pipe bases, heat pumps, hydroponic cultivation equipment, and more will be exhibited. Be sure to visit the venue to see the exhibits.
*Exhibitors/exhibits may be subject to change without notice.

48 High Intensity Greenhouse

Company:NIkken Lease Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Explanation:High intensity, but easy assembly green house, using for construction-site hot-dip galvanized tube, diameter φ48.6mm and thickness 2.4mm. Frontage can be designed 3m to 9m wide, height could be designed 2m~4m, and depth could be expand to maximum 50m.

AS-Greenhouse Cleaner


Explanation:This is a cleaning solution specifically designed for agricultural use in greenhouses. With strong cleaning power, it removes dirt and restores sunlight penetration.

Strawberry High-Elevation Cultivation System 'Raku Rack'

Company:Sunpoly Co., Ltd.

Explanation:The cultivation tanks and other major components are made of recycled plastic, ensuring durability and environmental friendliness for this high-elevation strawberry cultivation system.

Ondine Hydroponic Cultivation System

Company:HSN-KIKAI KOGYO Co., Ltd.

Explanation:This is a hydroponic cultivation system designed for use in pipe houses. Its elevated structure reduces strain on the legs and back.

e-minori: Control Node

Company:DPT Co.

Explanation:You can control various devices such as heating, CO2 supply, irrigation, and misting for automation according to your preferences.

Pipe Base 48.6

Company:E.KATAYAMA & Co.,Ltd.

Explanation:A pipe base for single-pipe φ48.6 has been newly released. Made of recycled plastic, it is lightweight and easy to handle.

High-Performance Adhesive Traps 'Petat Yellow' / 'Petat Blue'

Company:Agrisect Inc.

Explanation:These high-performance adhesive traps (made of paper) not only capture and kill pests but also demonstrate high performance in pest occurrence surveys.

Wooden Houses for Agriculture and Forestry

Company:Omnia Concerto inc.

Explanation:Instead of vinyl, environmentally friendly wooden materials are used for blinds and frameworks. Solar panels are installed on the sides to supplement power supply inside the house.

House Kaonki HK30 Type

Company:Nepon INC.

Explanation:The new 'House Kaonki 30 Type' has changed its paint color to a light-advantageous white, improved energy efficiency of the ventilation fan, and enhanced operability with a new controller.

House Cultivation-Specific Heat Pump Air Conditioner


Explanation:This energy-efficient heat pump air conditioner for house cultivation supports increased crop yield and quality through stable and optimal temperature management!

Carbon Dioxide Concentration Supply System (C-SAVE Green)

Company:Seibu Giken Co., Ltd.

Explanation:This groundbreaking CO2 supply system concentrates atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and supplies it to crops such as strawberries, achieving significant improvements.

Fine Mist Air Conditioning Intermittent Sunao Timer

Company:SUNAO Electric Co.,Ltd.

Explanation:The FV1DR's multi-system timer outputs the specified number of systems and operates with one pause within the set time, allowing environmental control inside the house when combined with external equipment.