Organic Fertilisers & Cultivation

Introducing organic fertilisers rich in essential minerals, ensuring peace of mind with safe usage. This is part of sustainable agriculture that promotes crop growth, enriches soil, and harmonizes with nature. The show showcase innovative products and services for more efficient organic cultivation as well. Join us in experiencing a greener future in agriculture together!
*Exhibitors/exhibits may be subject to change without notice.

Kome Senka

Company:Ando Tsusho Co., Ltd.

Explanation:It balances the soil with natural mineral components, decomposes harmful substances in the soil with the power of lactic acid bacteria, improves soil environment and root development, assists in nutrient absorption, and enhances plant vigor.



Explanation:【High Quality, top share, lower price, Japan made】 We distribute much rice husk biomass in Japan. We are Japanese No.1 company of rice husk carbonization plant. So we can provide stablly and lower cost.

Rootella F


Explanation:Mycorrhizal fungi grow in plant roots, extend hyphae into the soil to absorb nutrients (especially phosphorus) and water, and supply them to plants, activating growth and ensuring healthy development.

Easy Pest Removal Vacuum Device
"Rakuraku Mushi Toru"


Explanation:"Rakuraku Mushi Toru" allows pest removal without using insecticides, making gardening and home vegetable gardens comfortable and enjoyable with peace of mind.

Koei Soil - JASOM-231009

Company:Santetsu Co., Ltd.

Explanation:Originally manufactured and sold as a cutting propagation substrate for chrysanthemums, "Koei Soil" was renewed last year as "Paddy Rice and Cutting Propagation Substrate Koei Soil" due to increasing local organic cultivation needs for paddy rice.

Glycine Betaine Liquid Fertilizer

Company:Nippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Explanation:This is liquid fertilizer containing glycine betaine, a natural ingredient derived from sugar beets. Glycine betaine regulates cell osmotic pressure and protects plants from stresses such as drought and or damage.

Amino Kippo


Explanation:Amino Acid Soil Improvement Liquid Fertilizer. "Amino Kippo" is an ideal liquid fertilizer with rapid and gentle effectiveness, ensuring soil does not harden even with continuous use and remains gentle on roots.

France Cofuna


Explanation:This is a compost sold in France. It is made from grape pomace (including grape seed pomace) with added microorganisms. It is also used in JAS organic cultivation sites.