Discover Exclusive Overseas Products

Join us at J AGRI Kyushu where numerous international companies are showcasing their latest innovations! Immerse yourself in a world of unique products and services that you won't find anywhere else. Don't miss this opportunity to explore and experience firsthand what these overseas exhibitors have to offer!
*Exhibitors/exhibits may be subject to change without notice.

DCR Japan Rubber Rollers


Explanation:DCR Japan proudly boasts the top production record of rubber rollers for rice milling within Thailand, and is permitted to display various factory standard marks.

Pallet Netwrap

Company:Ningbo Powerpak New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.

Explanation:Powerpak's Pallet Netting is a flexible, lightweight mesh material used to secure goods on pallets during transport or storage. Its stretchable design conforms to various shapes and sizes, ensuring items stay in place while allowing for airflow.

AT2 Agricultural Machinery Automatic Steering System


Explanation:A high-functioning agricultural machinery automatic steering system at a low price! It can be retrofitted to a wide range of agricultural machinery, from tractors to rice planters and wheeled combines, regardless of brand.

1GLD-120 Multi-function Crawler Electric Rotary Cultivator

Company:Zhaotian Electric Agricultural Machinery

Explanation:A multi-function crawler electric rotary cultivator.


Company:MIXTRON S.R.L.

Explanation:Our products are simply precise and consistent dosing, utilizing only the driving force of water without the use of electricity. The distinguishing feature of our proportional volumetric dosing pumps is their ability to use the driving force of water to mix and produce a solution always proportional to the volume of water supplied.

Micro Electric Cart (CAMEL series)

Company:Micro Display Inc.

Explanation:Electric carts are used to transport a variety of goods, but there are variants specifically made for greenhouses where strawberries, tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, and mushrooms are grown. They can also be used to transport feed in orchards, poultry farms, and livestock farms.

Agmo Solution


Explanation:Agmo Solution is an automatic steering kit product that can be attached to your existing agricultural implements (handle type), such as tractors and rice planters, enabling autonomous driving of agricultural implements.