Agricultural Drones & Robots

Explore cutting-edge agricultural drones and robots showcased at J AGRI. Witness the latest in technology designed to streamline operations, reduce working hours, and boost yields. These products are not only adept at handling complex terrains but are also tailored for the efficient management of small to medium-sized farms. Join us at the venue for an up-close experience with these innovative solutions. Discover how they revolutionize farming practices globally, making agriculture more sustainable and productive.
*Exhibitors/exhibits may be subject to change without notice.


Company:Navic, Co., Ltd

Explanation:Boasting a maximum payload of 20 kg, the DJI AGRAS T25 can efficiently disperse liquid or granular pesticides, as well as seeds and fertilizers.

Agricultural Drone R-17

Company:Hinomaru Co., Ltd.

Explanation:Featuring a manual mode for manual operation and a fully automatic flight mode for setting configurations on a tablet device, the R-17 significantly streamlines spraying operations.

Agricultural Drone "FarmXnext Wing"

Company:Hiraki Shoji Co., Ltd.

Explanation:Prioritizing reassuring support for those handling agricultural drones for the first time, free consultations are available to address any concerns before implementation.

Industrial Drone

Company:TOYO-ENGINEER inc.

Explanation:Certified by the Agricultural, Forestry, and Fisheries Aviation Association, we provide training, sales, and maintenance services for agricultural drones.


Company:Mazex Co., Ltd.

Explanation:Equipped with beginner-friendly features such as straight-line assist mode and automatic spraying function, also includes an automatic flight mode, allowing it to fly back and forth while autonomously applying pesticides.


Company:NITTO FC Co., Ltd.

Explanation:Developed as a drone-specific fertilizer, the granular formulation minimizes uneven spreading, ensuring uniform application.

Turf Mower Robot


Explanation:Designed for multiple scenarios, including sports fields and orchards, the RM series maximizes cutting efficiency, resulting in cost saving.

RC Grass Cutter "Radi-Karu-kun"

Company:Hiraki Shoji Co., Ltd.

Explanation:Equipped with a powerful 224cc engine, the Radi-Kiru-kun can handle tall and dense grass, as well as slopes with a maximum inclination of 45 degrees.

AT2 Agricultural Machinery Automatic Steering System


Explanation:A cost-effective and high-performance automatic steering system for agricultural machinery! It can be retrofitted to a wide range of agricultural equipment, including tractors, rice planters, and wheel-type combines, regardless of the brand.

Agmo Solution

Company:AGMO Corporation

Explanation:A kit product for automatic steering that can be attached to your existing agricultural equipment (handle type), such as tractors and rice planters, enabling the realization of cutting-edge autonomous agricultural machinery.

Vegetable Packaging Machine FR-102

Company:Horiaki Co., Ltd.

Explanation:Capable of efficiently automatically packaging a variety of vegetables from leafy greens to root vegetables in one machine.

Sfumato - 3D Remote Monitoring and Control System

Company:Omnia Concerto Corporation

Explanation:Display agricultural houses in 3D on a PC or tablet for remote monitoring capabilities.